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Category: Miscast Reads

If you enjoy book narration, audio books, and voice performances, then you will absolutely love, MISCAST READS! If you like ASMR and the sound of the human voice, then you will definitely love, MISCAST READS! If you like to have stories told to you like the days of old when people would sit around a fire and revel in the folklore of the area, then you will most emphatically love, MISCAST READS! Finally, if you like fairy tales, classic literature, mysterious facts and the many wonders and mysteries of existence, then you will without a doubt love, MISCAST READS!! If you find that you do indeed love MISCAST READS, then please show your support by sharing us with your friends and family, Liking the videos, Subscribing to the channel, and ringing the Bell to be notified of awesome new audio tale content!😁✌✨